Founded in 2020, GECHI ITALIAHOME is a minimalist and innovative overall home brand driven by designers. The brand has 15 years of OEM export endorsement to the Italian market. The brand design concept, product process standards, and material selection all originate from Italy. In 2019, GECHI expanded its domestic market, shifting from OEM production of various styles of furniture to a branded, independent minimalist style operation model integrating self-supporting design, production and sales. In 2020, GECHI's Italian minimalist brand packaging will be upgraded, and GECHI will officially enter the domestic and foreign markets.


  • Gechi collaborates with top Italian design agencies and art design agencies to jointly develop and design designs;From brand image to spatial vision,from products to soft fittings.

  • Product differentiation from design, technology to materials, marketing from strategy to service differentiation, terminal from channel to resource differentiation, differentiation is only to meet consumer product quality and individual requirements, and to satisfy different customers Different needs


We adhering to the "innovative, pragmatic, service" business philosophy, the development of many classic, which is given priority to with Italian minimalist home. We advocate contracted type way of life, simple life concept, and contracted attitude towards life.