Some people seek a lifestyle of severance, abandon some useless things in life, and examine their lives from a bird's-eye view. What things are redundant and wasteful to them, maybe they can have more Good place.

The term “overlooking force” allows people to observe their own lives from a higher perspective, and to see our lives more comprehensively and thoroughly. Where are the problems?

The implementation of detachment often starts from the closest and most difficult room to take care of, because complexity and trivial matters are the biggest problem in tidying up the room.

Where does the sense of luxury come from


The popularity of minimalist furniture is what people call for a simple life. Japanese minimalism is pure, German minimalism is thorough, Italian minimalism is advanced... So where does the Italian minimalism come from?

01Italy's pursuit of quality of life

As we all know, Italy, as a global luxury goods country, has strict requirements on furniture, clothing, jewelry, etc. Luxurious materials, exquisite handwork, and exquisite design are all reflected in Italian minimalist furniture.

02The right color combination

CESEA Italian minimalist color matching, the colors are mostly richer red, yellow, orange, blue, matched with the delicate and warm nappa cowhide, so that every piece of furniture is full of low-key luxury and elegant temperament.