With the development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for the taste of life. For high-end Italian furniture manufacturers, in addition to the same workmanship quality, the design requirements for appearance design are stronger. Especially, the popular light luxury furniture is favored by most people because of its light luxury and high quality. Today's Gorch will analyze the current fashion trends of high-end Italian furniture in China. Let's see:

First, light luxury design

High-end furniture design is beginning to follow a low-key and light-luxury route. It attracts various elements in the design, such as diversified classical, warm and comfortable, personalized, high-tech, etc. And emphasize the distinctive and elegant style, pursue high-end noble artistic vision, and create the top enjoyment of life.

Two, emotional performance

Design has life, and furniture has life. Designing furniture with a sense of simplicity and vitality can satisfy the inner desire of the owner's life and share the troubles of the owner, although it cannot speak for itself.

High-end Italian furniture design began to show an understanding of function, space and spiritual thinking, in-depth insight into the needs of different groups of people, paying attention to different combinations of furniture can create an atmosphere and give consumers a spiritual sustenance. Of course, the key is to express the user's aesthetic and attitude towards life.

Third, nature is still the source of inspiration

People yearn for nature and live in a natural green environment. This attraction obviously affects the design and production trends of high-end furniture, such as the Sunshine Coast leisure style in the United States, the English country style, and the French country style. Is the implementer of this trend. The precious tree species in nature, the shape of various plants, the texture and color of everything in nature, etc., continue to be the source of inspiration for furniture design.