hion. Milan, Turin, Venice... are all top international "fashion capitals". Italy not only leads fashion trends in clothing and leather bags, but also furniture is a classic in the furniture industry.

Italian furniture is classic because it pays attention to the perfection of details and the overall elegance and luxury. When you use it, the perfect texture makes you satisfied; when not in use, its artistry is immediately revealed, exuding a strong sense of presence in the space.

Craftsmanship-ingenious and classical

Outstanding design and dedication to craftsmanship make Italian furniture always represent the highest level in the furniture field. This is inseparable from the tempering of thousands of years and the deep love of craftsmen from generation to generation.

The exquisite craftsmanship that the Italians are deeply proud of has never faded in the glorious history. Many furniture made hundreds of years ago are still timeless. Carved, gold leaf, lacquered, fabric, and painted, every detail can still evoke a timeless beauty .

Design-beautiful and practical

Italian furniture occupies a pivotal position in the history of the world, and its design capabilities are well-known worldwide. Italian furniture is synonymous with luxury and high-end, not only because it has an authentic European classic style, but also because of the seriousness and romance of treating every piece of furniture as a work of art. Italy, as the birthplace of the Renaissance, has a long history of culture and has gathered thousands of years of humanistic history. It combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. It is well-known worldwide for its fine workmanship and reliable quality.

In modern Italian furniture, a chair is not just a chair; in addition to being able to cope with the functions of life, the most important thing is that the Italian furniture has artistic beauty. When you use it, the perfect texture makes you satisfied; when you are not using it, the artistic personality is immediately highlighted, exuding a strong sense of presence in the space without losing the humor and romantic characteristics.

Material selection-precise and durable

If the unique design style is the soul of Italian furniture, then high-quality raw materials are the foundation of Italian furniture. Italian craftsmen select precious woods, such as cherry wood, walnut wood and mahogany, while preserving their original appearance, they are exquisitely carved and crafted. Craftsmen will also design products with unique styles according to different living environments and concepts, and many furniture are processed for a long time, and the wood of some wooden furniture will even be selected for use after more than ten years of air-drying. The material used to make furniture is basically impossible in China.